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English vocabulary – words and phrases

Vocabulary is a cornerstone of any foreign language and English vocabulary is definitely not an exception.

In general, an average native English speaker uses approximately 20,000 words.

That’s quite a lot and it will certainly take some time learn enough words and phrases to communicate fluently. But we have a good news for you!

With, you will learn new English words, idioms and phrases much faster and you will also remember them longer.

English words and phrases in context

The trick is that on our website, you will learn new English vocabulary (i.e. words and phrases) in context. In most cases the context comes from American and English movies, so the learning process will also be fun.

Phrasal verbs
Words and slang terms

Travel and vacation
Food and restaurant
Love and relationships
Urban and street slang

Forrest Gump
Friends with benefits
The Martian
American Pie 1
Gran Torino