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Vocabulary about food, cooking and in a restaurant

I am pretty sure that many of you who have traveled or lived in English speaking countries, have visited some good restaurants. There is something special about eating delicious dishes in foreign country. Good knowledge of English names of meals and ingredients is in this situation absolutely necessary. Otherwise you may end up getting a meal that you didn’t want to eat.


So in order to avoid any embarrassing moments, you should learn at least some names of meals and also the way how to have a conversation in an English restaurant.

In this list you will find English meals, drinks and many other words, phrases and expressions related to food, cooking and dining. If you are on a vacation, where you need to speak English and want to fully enjoy local cuisine, this list will be your valuable guide. Phrases and terms from this list can be used in the following situations:

1. conversation with a waiter in a restaurant
2. shopping for groceries in an English speaking country
3. reading a recipe or cooking instructions in English

So scroll down and check these phrases, words and the names of meals and ingredients. You will definitely appreciate them when you are dining out, preparing meals or doing any activity related to food.

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takeout foodfood in plastic container for eating later
fillingedible mix used to fill meat or other food
flax seedsseeds of a flax plant
chefprofessional cook
doughthick paste made by mixing flour and water
ingredientelement or component of food
gratuitysmall amount of money given in return for service
boil upto cook by boiling in water
seasoningterm for herbs and spices
brothliquid where meat or fish were boiled
sweeteneradditive for making food sweeter
frozenpreserved by freezing
dinerperson who often eats in restaurants
microwavemicrowave owen used to reheat food
tartar saucemayonnaise with chopped pickles
minced (meat)cut to very small pieces
to basteusing small amount of water during roasting or cooking
heat upto reheat
to roastcooking method using dry heat
gobble downquickly eat large quantities of food
to slugto drink quickly in large gulps
nondescriptwithout any specific characteristic or class
cake recipestep by step process for preparing a cake
rib of beefmeat from a rib section of beef
flavourspecific taste
sealed containercontainer with a firm cover
herbsplants used for food flavoring
bring to the boilto reach the state when water boils
freshly preparedrecently prepared fresh food
whipped creamcream mixed using a whisk or mixer
to taste goodto have a good taste
meal to gotakeout food, food in plastic container
spicesseeds, fruit or roots used for food flavouring
chopped (meat)cut by a knife or other sharp tool
to carveto separate meat using knife
fridgerefrigerator, home applience for food storage
sodacarbonated drink in a can (US)
clam chowderthick soup with clams (seafood)
tuck awayto eat a lot of food
lardpig fat

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