English slang vocabulary

English slang and informal vocabulary

Informal and colloquial English is a must for all of you who want to know more than just a few basic English phrases. So if you want be a guru in English language, phrases and vocabulary from your textbooks are not enough anymore. You also have to understand and know how to use English idioms and slang expressions. Most of all, you should understand the meaning of cool and modern phrases frequently used by young people.

Slang words and phrases from movies

This list summarizes slang phrases and words and their definitions. These expressions are used among teenagers on the streets of big cities in USA, England or Canada. Therefore this list contains a lot of quotes from action and gangster movies. That means you will find here also some coarse and profane language, so be prepared 🙂

Phrases and terms in this list will be useful, if you:

1. want to understand English and American slang
2. want to watch your favorite action movies in English
3. want to be able to speak English like a pro
4. want to teach others how to sound more cool in English

If you watch Hollywood movies and TV shows, or if you play video games, these phrases and terms will surely help you to better understand your action heroes.

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– Urban and street slang

hagugly or hysterical older woman (negative)
slap aroundhit someone's face with a palm
crackerpoor white man in Southern US
cablecable television
glowingextremely positive
to hitto deal a card
ringerperson who is cheating in a competition
squeeze out to push somebody out from a position in order to get someone's benefits
color outin casino, to change lower denominated chips for higher denominated chips, color up
chickpretty girl
limoshort term for limousine, large luxurious car
grandthousand dollars (slang)
goofballfoolish or stupid person (usually male)
screw around withto play with emotions in a negative way
screw upto make a terrible mistake causing the things go wrong
weirdstrange, bizarre
jabbertalk quickly, babbling talk
to popto have a drink
to bugto bother or annoy somebody
hell of a lothuge amount of something
hustlefraudulent scheme to make money
dimeten cents
machismoessence of masculine behavior
to have gutsto have a courage for some task
moron stupid person (slang)
cerebral studhighly intelligent man
blow offto ignore (slang)
grease (somebody)slang term for killing somebody
straightheterosexual person
geekeccentric or odd person
go nutsto go crazy
lockdownprison with high level of security
stuck-uparrogant, snobbish
blown away to be amazed, impressed
thugyoung man who frequently engages in fights
to be cool (with somebody)not having any problem (with somebody)
to barfto vomit, to puke
mookstupid person
gookinsulting term for a Asian person
awkwardclumsy, embarrassing person
way to goused when something is the way it should be, expressing approval
busterinformal term for addressing a man
greenrookie, greenhorn
spout offto talk about something in a very boring and annoying way
final scorethe last successful robbery
shut upbe quiet
bloodyarchaic adjective similar to damn
to yellto scream, to speak with loud voice
hackydisgusting, filthy, dirty
jabberto talk quickly
keep on leashto control someone strictly
junkillicit drugs (such as heroine, cocaine)
color up (slang)in casino, to change lower denominated chips for higher denominated chips
to off (somebody)to kill somebody
scrubcancel and leave (informal)
to compto give for free as a promotional gift
old baggrumpy old woman
bitch (about something)complain aggressively and excessively
sack upto gather courage or energy for a difficult task
to kickto die
spookeccentric person
to crushto squeeze (money from something or someone)
man upto develop characteristics typical for man, such as courage, decisiveness
to dupeto trick someone to believe in something that is not true
bookwormperson who is always studying or reading books
dingbatstupid person
beat downto attack physically
whopperbig exaggerated lie
press the buttonto make woman excited (slang)
eat (somebody’s) head offto attack verbally (slang)
let (somebody) off the hookto forgive, relieve or to free somebody from the responsibility
rip offto rob, to steal
dissecting the eyeto watch something with an extreme interest (slang)
filthydirty, disgusting
cutshare of profit
beat downsphysical attacks
scamswindle, fraud
cooninsulting term for a black person
to dig somethingto like something
bullshitstupid talk
to dig (something)to like something
big fishimportant person
takeamount won
cut outto leave in a hurry
cornyembarrassing, stupid,dull
put up withto endure negative experience
conningperforming scams or fraud
to be cool (with somebody)not having any problem (with somebody)
fire upto start the engine
to have ballsto have courage
to textto send an SMS message via cell phone
to take to rob, to steal
hanky-pankyimmoral, indecent and dishonest behavior
dorkstupid guy
cash inin casino, to change chips for cash
bitch (about something)complain aggressively and excessively
crappoor, terrible, low quality (slang)