Idioms exercises #1

1. Watch the videoclips with idioms

• ahead of the curve – being faster about doing things before others do them
• hit the spot – when food or drink tastes really good
• chew the fat – have a long conversation about unimportant things
• burning the midnight oil – working too long into the night
• basket case – person that is too nervous and anxious and has ruined life

2. Practice your knowledge in a quick exercise

Tim is the best student in our class. He is ______ the curve in all subjects.
Prolonged chat about nothing is...
Oh, this chicken soup really hit the ______. It was so tasty.
John was fired from his work. He is now a real ______ case.
We have a deadline tomorrow, so I will have to burn the ______ to finish it.
Idioms 1
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