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Vocabulary about relationships, romance and love

Probably the most important aspect of our lives is love and our relationships with other people. So that’s why young people are often searching the internet for vocabulary about these topics.

Socializing, parties and forming relationships with other young people from different countries seems to be the most important thing. And therefore a good knowledge of correct English phrases and expressions is absolutely essential.

Better English conversation about intimate topics

This list will be your useful companion when you need to talk about relationships, love, romance or flirting. If you want to ask someone in English to go out with you or just want to have a flirting conversation, be sure to check out these phrases.

You can use them if:

1. you want to have a quality conversation about love and relationships
2. you like someone and want to date him/her
3. you want to understand romantic comedies 🙂

Since this topic is very wide, this list provides many different phrases and expressions about relationships, dating and love. Learning them will significantly improve your conversation skills and most of all, you will have better chance to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend…

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Urban and street slang

go outto meet somebody as a girlfriend or a boyfriend
get over (something)overcome hard obstacles
cheat on somebodyto be unfaithful, having another relationship
strikingvery good looking
hang outto spend time
backsiderear side of a human body that we sit on
dateperson you start seeing as a girlfriend or boyfriend
to be stood upwhen girlfriend or boyfriend does not come to a date
crankybeing easily irritated and angry
freak outto be excited, to lose control of emotions
break upto end a relationship
repelto cause others to avoid him/her, to drive away
get in the sackto have a sexual affair
prissoverly nice person
seeing somebodyto date somebody
loserperson who doesn't win (used in any situation)
staggoing solo to a party (without a partner)
to dump (somebody)to end a relationship with somebody
break upto end a relationship
go along (with someone or something)to follow, to cooperate
say hiform of greeting
get back on one’s feetregain control of one's life
let the good times rollto have a good time (usually sex)
storm outto angrily leave a place
manhoodqualities that men can be proud of
gorgeousgood looking person (usually woman)
prenupswritten agreement before marriage
tone downto make something more moderate
one-night standsexual relationship for one night
to pigeonholeto categorize people
hot girlpretty and sexy girl
takensomeone who is not single
push (someone)to provoke
soul mateperson with strong emotional connection
cuddleintimate hugging, touching
find (someone) attractiveto think that someone is attractive
pull (oneself) togetherregain control of emotions
lose (one’s) mindgo crazy, to lose control of emotions
long-distance relationshiprelationship when partners are living far from each other
cheeseball linesrather stupid or corny talk
hunkgood looking male (slang)
screw aroundto cheat a partner, to have sex outside relationship
hang upto end a call
to ditchto end a relationship
get overto recover from a difficult situation
weird outto become nervous, to start panicking
lock (oneself) indiscontinue contacts with people around you
pop the questionwhen a man asks a woman to marry him
be crazy about (someone)to be strongly in love

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