Phrases and quotes from Gran Torino


“Hahah, come here, girl. Stop! We go. What are looking at, old man? Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while, that you shouldn’t have messed with? That’s me. Are you crazy, man. Get out of here, man… Dad. You’ve worked hard your whole life. Maybe it’s time you started thinking about, you know, taking it easier. These places are nothing like what you’d think they’d be. They’re great. Kicking us out on his birthday. I told you this was a bad idea. What the hell these Chinese have to move into this neighborhood for? Dorothy mentioned specifically that it was her desire for you to go to confession. And I confess that I have no desire to confess to a boy that’s just out of the seminary…. Get of my lawn”


Walt Kowalski:I’ll blow a hole in your face then go inside and sleep like a baby.

Walt Kowalski:I confess that I have no desire to confess.

Thao Vang Lor: [Walt’s smoking]You should quit. Those things are bad for you.
Walt Kowalski: Yeah? So’s being in a gang.

jumper cablescables to help start the car engine when an auto battery is low
hang outto spend time
stuck-uparrogant, snobbish
roll over in gravewhen someone who has already died would be strongly disappointed about what is happening
move outto move to a different place
drive crazy to irritate somebody or make him/her angry
to glareto give a look with anger
human beinghuman (man or woman)
dateperson you start seeing as a girlfriend or boyfriend
jabberto talk quickly
gookinsulting term for a Asian person
paperworkrecorded notes or information on paper, documents to be processed on paper
pay backto return a debt
pass byto move around or past something or someone
watch overto protect someone making sure they are safe
tone downto make something more moderate
crackerpoor white man in Southern US
appallinghorrifying, frightening
work offto repay a debt by working
goofballfoolish or stupid person (usually male)
Don’t get flip with me!Don't be insolent!
to dishonorto cause a shame or disgrace
look overto quickly explore, to examine
count onto rely on, to trust
bitch (about something)complain aggressively and excessively
spookeccentric person
carry aroundto have a memory inside of an unpleasant experience
way to goused when something is the way it should be, expressing approval
pussyweak man who has no courage
all of a suddensuddenly, unexpectedly
keep on leashto control someone strictly
paychecksalary, payment for a job
flockgroup of people who go to church
man upto develop characteristics typical for man, such as courage, decisiveness