Phrases and quotes from 21



“So, how much is this thing gonna run me? The belt’s $49.95 minus 15%, the jacket’s five hundred and.. three hundred and sixty five.. minus 10% for shoes were just marked down from $155, so you are looking at $1,042.68 cents… I’m pretty good with numbers. [Ben Campbell was the most gifted student at MIT].. I’ve never had a student as impressive as you… [but there were some problems he couldn’t solve]… three hundred thousand dollars for school? Where am I gonna get that kind of money? [Until the day he was given a chance] You have to follow me now. So, is this some kind of a math club? You ever studied blackjack? Are you talking about counting cards? As a team, yes. When? On weekends. Where? ..Welcome to Vegas!”


Ben Campbell:You know, tuition fees and living expenses alone cost over $300,000. $300,000.Listen
Miles Connoly:It’s outrageous. It’s astronomically high. I get it.Listen

Ben Campbell: Hey, Fisher.
Micky Rosa: [Fisher keeps walking without saying anything]Uh. He’s mad at me and jealous of you. But don’t worry. Greatness evokes that reaction sometimes.Listen

grandthousand dollars (slang)
to be composedto be emotionally stable
let downto disappoint
streakseries of events without interruption
out of reachunreachable, inaccessible
be off somethingto be out of some activity
frown upondisapprove something with a frown
bring togetherto put together, to unite
zone outto lose control under the influence of alcohol or drugs
pay offto bring a profit or benefit
get off mindto stop thinking about something
ring upto record the amount of sold items on a cash register
work outwhen things go OK at the end
to be accommodatingto be helpful and friendly
to get something looked atto get something checked (by a doctor)
pick upto take someone to a vehicle
go throughto experience a long difficult times
turn into change to (something else)
go at somethingto start doing something
mark downto reduce an amount on a price tag (in store)
loserperson who doesn't win (used in any situation)
kick outto throw out by kicking
stumble overto come closer walking like a drunk
make a killingto have a huge success
be up toplanning to do something
squeeze into do something, even when there is not much time
ask outto ask someone for a date
map outto make a detailed plan, to plan something thoroughly
work outto find a solution
big fishimportant person
to be on salewhen something is for sale at a discount price
come easyhappen easily
brain damageinjury to brain
screw upto make a big mistake
give into stop fighting and accepting that he/she cannot win
track downto find somebody after longer search
jump off the pageto be significantly different from others
pull upto bring closer
blow out of the waterto be much better in something than anybody else
to crush examsto do very well on exams
color outin casino, to change lower denominated chips for higher denominated chips, color up
cutshare of profit
hustlefraudulent scheme to make money
show upto arrive, to visit
for keeppermanently
flash bygo (fly) very quickly
glowingextremely positive
listen uplisten carefully
knock offto reduce a price
split x waysto divide into x parts
play outto finish a play
throw aroundto talk about something without meaning it
freak outto lose control of emotion due to a fear
run outwhen supplies get exhausted
go byto pass (time)
to compto give for free as a promotional gift
cash inin casino, to change chips for cash
take a loanto borrow some amount of money
put on holdto pause the communication
high-roller (slang)somebody who earns and spends a lot of money
play somebody against somebodyto make someone to have a conflict with someone else
whole wayeverything
change outchange something for something else
get straightto make things clear
find outto discover, to gain some kind of knowledge
footagevideo recording
thugyoung man who frequently engages in fights
hell of a lothuge amount of something
to be cool (with somebody)not having any problem (with somebody)
drive apartto divide
to runto cost
make (something) happenaccomplish or achieve something, not just talking but actually doing it
to crushto squeeze (money from something or someone)
finish upto complete, to finish
all overeverywhere
throw downto do something in a big way, to contribute a lot of money
turn outwhen something finally shows how it is
beat downsphysical attacks
to be giftedto have a talent
fire upto start the engine
free ridesomething that is free
take awayto steal
gigperformance (music)
dissecting the eyeto watch something with an extreme interest (slang)
sabbaticalperiod of leave for university professors
beat downto attack physically
blow offto ignore (slang)
to hitto deal a card
close into enclose, to come to an end
keep something upto continue doing something (usually well)
cut offto separate by cutting
take up withto discuss
make up toto compensate something to someone
Get off me!Leave me alone!
drag awaymove someone to a different location by force
track downto find somebody after longer search
high-rolling personperson with high income
color up (slang)in casino, to change lower denominated chips for higher denominated chips
hit the headto go to the toilet to pee (slang)
figure outthink about something thoroughly
give upto stop trying
mess aroundto kill time by doing unplanned activities
big timewhen emphasizing a level of a situation
big rolla lot of money
pull outto get something or someone from previous place
takeamount won
loretraditional knowledge
mess upto make a big mistake
cerebral studhighly intelligent man
to take to rob, to steal