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“I want you so bad… [Over the years..] Did you glue this? I should need some scissors.. auuu [Andy Stitzer has lost a lot of girlfriends..] Ha, it tickles… I am sorry [but there’s one thing he never lost] Are you a virgin? You are hilarious. This is good. You’re a virgin. How can you go 40 years and not have sex? I just… kind of stopped trying… We gotta help him.. We can’t let you go being a virgin. You gotta highlight your attributes… just to wax that whole teen wolf thing off.. No, Kelly Clarkson! Ahhhh, you stop smiling… You look like a a man-o’- lantern. The problem most men have is they don’t know how to talk to women. What am I supposed to say? Nothing, just ask questions. Are you looking for something? Is there something I should be looking for? We have a great section of “Do it yourself”. Do you like to do it yourself? Hahaha… What am I talking about?”


Waxing Lady: Oh! [yells] We gonna need more wax! [pause] And cancel all my afternoon appointments!

Trish: [on the bed, kissing] Do you have protection?Listen
Andy Stitzer:I don’t like guns.Listen

Andy Stitzer: [about Beth]That woman scares the shit out of me!Listen

to dig (something)to like something
nasty freakpervert person
hot girlpretty and sexy girl
seeing somebodyto date somebody
hang outdoing nothing, killing time
lamepoor, unpleasing
to interjectto interrupt and add something in a discussion
make outto suggest something, to make a false impression
run downto trace, to find, to chase
take a whileto take some amount of time
mellowcalm, soft
hard woodfloor made of wood
weird outto become nervous, to start panicking
readheadwoman with red hair
be into somethingto like something
wig outto become very excited after using drugs or alcohol (slang)
hold offto wait some time, to delay
on your ownto be solely responsible for something
terrificgreat, very good
scope outto examine thoroughly, to inspect
racked upunder the influence of alcohol or drugs
storm outto angrily leave a place
lay outto say something straight and clearly
ringerperson who is cheating in a competition
at own perilat own risk
come overto visit somebody
bring out ofto overcome some negative emotions
needles to saywhen something is known and can be taken for granted, of course
move into start living in a new place
chilled upcalm, relaxed
out of nowherewhen something appears suddenly and unexpectedly
go outto meet somebody as a girlfriend or a boyfriend
firm upto confirm agreed information
take overto assume responsibility
This is so us!This is typical for us!
break upto end a relationship
mull overto think carefully about something over certain period of time
kill the vibeto destroy a good atmosphere
hit on (somebody)to start a conversation with someone in order to establish a sexual relationship
cover the shiftwhen somebody works instead of other employee
dirty-talkvulgar talk, especially about sex
give a shotto try something again (one more time)
for a whilecertain amount of time
get downto unleash emotions and do things without control
featimpressive and heroic achievement
leave outto exclude
come byto visit, to show up
well-groomedvery well maintained person with regard to dress and appearance
awesomegreat, fantastic
get to know each otherknow other person better
help outto help out of some problem
throw upto vomit
periodmenstruation, menses
go for somethingto start doing something
cheat on somebodyto be unfaithful, having another relationship
reticenthesitant, reserved
unspoken agreementagreement without saying any words
come alongslowly making progress, moving towards the goal
get overto recover from a difficult situation
blow outto extinguish
to dateto start seeing someone (as a girlfriend or boyfriend)
stay awayto keep away at a distance
suck outto remove by sucking
take offto remove dress and get naked
to tackleto catch, to attack and grasp
fancydecorative, fashionable
full timeworking full hours (not part-time)
to be of serviceto offer service
so to speakwhen you try to get an attention to a choice of words (if metaphoric phrase is used)
to dump (somebody)to end a relationship with somebody
straight updirectly
to be put togetherelegant
get offto remove
go awayto leave
write downto write something on a piece of paper
look aroundto look in all directions in order to search for something
tear upto destroy by tearing
make something upto lie about something using false explanation
act outto act and repeat behavior according to some pattern
let outto let somebody go/leave
hood ratpromiscuous woman from a poor neighborhood
never mindit does not matter
run throughto quickly look at several options
take outto remove from a packaging
tipsyunstable walk after drinking too much alcohol
put (something) in actionto turn theory into action
crack upto amuse
put outto place
to scare the shit out of (somebody)to make someone to be really frightened
psyche intoconvince oneself into certain thoughts

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