Words and slang words examples

Words and slang vocabulary

Each language has thousands of words. Based on the information from Oxford English dictionary, there are 171,476 English words in current use. However, you as a learner of English as your second language, need only several thousands of them.

Learning new English vocabulary and words is important

While knowledge of words is not sufficient to put together correct English sentences, learning new vocabulary is still very important part of your study. Without words you can’t describe and say what you want to communicate to other people.

Examples of main word categories are here:

1. nouns (man, woman, time, child, mother, father, hand, year, day)
2. verbs (do, have, be, say, get, see, look, want, use, find, tell)
3. adjectives (good, bad, big, little, small, first, last, old, young)
4. prepositions (to, for, in, on, from, at, with, about, of)

In this video you can learn some interesting differences between American and British words.

If you want to check the basic English vocabulary

I assume that when you are reading these pages, you have some basic knowledge of English vocabulary. However, if you want to check our list of basic and most frequently used English words, check this list of basic English vocabulary.

Our 2-step method:

In order to help you to understand correctly when somebody uses a slang word in a speech or conversation, we have created a concept based on examples from movies.

As you probably know, you can hear lots of slang words in American movies and TV shows.

The method is very simple, yet very effective.

STEP 1. Listen to slang words in short video samples in real-life situations

These are the examples of some English slang words, which you will certainly hear in many conversations with English speakers on a daily basis.
So the best way to master them is to learn them in context in real sentences. And I am pretty sure that the best context is your favorite movie or TV show 🙂

STEP 2. Practice them in short exercises
Jeff has been on the ______ (drinking alcohol) since his wife left him.
Slang sample
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The aim of this post is to provide a list of English words that are frequently used in English language on a daily basis. These words and terms (many of them are slang words) form a basis for solid understanding of everyday informal English.

Since most of these words are from American movies, you can click on each word to see the whole sentence, in which they were used. As a result you will learn the meaning of that word in context.

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(222 terms)
crappoor, terrible, low quality (slang)
primeto be ready (for sex)
racoonanimal with black/gray fur
gorgeousgood looking person (usually woman)
whopperbig exaggerated lie
lunacybeing crazy, craziness
douchecontemptible man, stupid bastard (slang)
straightheterosexual person
blowoutbig party
periodmenstruation, menses
gookinsulting term for a Asian person
strikingvery good looking
imperviousresistant, immune, sealed
showdownface to face confrontation
to pigeonholeto categorize people
to popto have a drink
be firedto lose job
titsboobs, female breasts
awkwardclumsy, embarrassing person
machismoessence of masculine behavior
paperworkrecorded notes or information on paper, documents to be processed on paper
crappysomething of low quality
slampieceperson (usually woman) with whom you have only sex and not a real relationship
bookwormperson who is always studying or reading books
tripstrong experience
misconstrueto understand something incorrectly
to slugto drink quickly in large gulps
to drill (someone)to ask repeatedly
conningperforming scams or fraud
microwavemicrowave owen used to reheat food
densmall room
thugyoung man who frequently engages in fights
to ditchto end a relationship
sabbaticalperiod of leave for university professors
takeamount won
dingbatstupid person
slutwhore, prostitute
manhoodqualities that men can be proud of
irreparableunable to be repaired
pimplea small inflamed swelling of the skin
moron stupid person (slang)
midsummermiddle of the summer
chickpretty girl
spookeccentric person
ironcladrigid, not flexible
uprootto leave your home and go to live somewhere else
grease (somebody)slang term for killing somebody
to recollectto remember, to recall
vacationtime period for leisure
reticenthesitant, reserved
chefprofessional cook
jabberto talk quickly
moaningsounds that person makes during sex
weirdstrange, bizarre
geekeccentric or odd person
lowlifeperson of low social class or poor character, often a criminal
to dig (something)to like something
scrapbookbook with blank pages to write memories and insert photos
mookstupid person
lousypoor, cheap, miserable
to trailto lag behind, to be the last
dinerperson who often eats in restaurants
horseshitbullshit, nonsense
doughthick paste made by mixing flour and water
seasoningterm for herbs and spices
fillingedible mix used to fill meat or other food
to be giftedto have a talent
dimeten cents
(something is) set (something is) ready
sweeteneradditive for making food sweeter
proma dance party for high school students
fridgerefrigerator, home applience for food storage
paychecksalary, payment for a job
filthydirty, disgusting
tipsyunstable walk after drinking too much alcohol
crackerpoor white man in Southern US
membermale penis
greenrookie, greenhorn
to strandto leave someone stranded
dateperson you start seeing as a girlfriend or boyfriend
frostbiteinjury to skin caused by ice
flybyclose flight near the target in order to make an observation
brothliquid where meat or fish were boiled
junkillicit drugs (such as heroine, cocaine)
majormain subject of study
fancydecorative, fashionable
runspath or area for skiing
dateperson you start seeing as a girlfriend or boyfriend
bloodyarchaic adjective similar to damn
cablecable television
goofballfoolish or stupid person (usually male)
push (someone)to provoke
awesomegreat, fantastic
takensomeone who is not single
porchcovered entrance to a building
to tackleto catch, to attack and grasp
lockdownprison with high level of security
readheadwoman with red hair
shitheadstupid idiot (offensive)
glowingextremely positive
crankybeing easily irritated and angry
innocencenot being guilty
bathtublarge container in the bathroom that you fill with water and use to wash the body
fellowsfriends, close people
nondescriptwithout any specific characteristic or class
cornyembarrassing, stupid,dull
loserperson who doesn't win (used in any situation)
maggotdespicable person
staggoing solo to a party (without a partner)
bitch (about something)complain aggressively and excessively
cooninsulting term for a black person
scrubcancel and leave (informal)
streakseries of events without interruption
scumbagdespicable person
minced (meat)cut to very small pieces
to bugto bother or annoy somebody
cuddleintimate hugging, touching
limoshort term for limousine, large luxurious car
bitch (about something)complain aggressively and excessively
lamepoor, unpleasing
exhaustedvery tired
to dig somethingto like something
appallinghorrifying, frightening
foolproofsomething that cannot go wrong; immune to failure
to basteusing small amount of water during roasting or cooking
pussyweak man who has no courage
ingredientelement or component of food
prissoverly nice person
stubbleshort hair on man's face
bumblingsomebody who is lacking physical skills
powdertype of snow similar to powder
to dupeto trick someone to believe in something that is not true
to textto send an SMS message via cell phone
to crushto squeeze (money from something or someone)
hunkgood looking male (slang)
prenupswritten agreement before marriage
seldomnot often, rarely
to runto cost
grandthousand dollars (slang)
hottiehot and attractive girl
bartenderbarman, barkeeper
to glareto give a look with anger
to dishonorto cause a shame or disgrace
pronelying with the face down
straightwithout interruption, non-stop
frozenpreserved by freezing
cutshare of profit
jerk-offvulgar and insulting word for a male, idiot
write-upwritten note
hustlefraudulent scheme to make money
to flopto fall on the ground
gumssoft tissue in mouth
gigperformance (music)
to kickto die
chopped (meat)cut by a knife or other sharp tool
footagevideo recording
to figureto imagine, to think
spicesseeds, fruit or roots used for food flavouring
to hitto deal a card
mellowcalm, soft
to interjectto interrupt and add something in a discussion
rudeimpolite, indecent
laylover, partner for sex
slutwhore, prostitute
gratuitysmall amount of money given in return for service
makeshiftimprovised, temporary
quitleave a place or a job
to yellto scream, to speak with loud voice
stuck-uparrogant, snobbish
to take to rob, to steal
houskeepinghouse cleaning service
windowsillflat horizontal board at the bottom of the window
walk-upapartment in a building without an elevator
to off (somebody)to kill somebody
lardpig fat
loretraditional knowledge
candidfrank, sincere
hackydisgusting, filthy, dirty
bullshitstupid talk
to carveto separate meat using knife
to dump (somebody)to end a relationship with somebody
bracesorthopedic device for legs
to barfto vomit, to puke
backsiderear side of a human body that we sit on
jabbertalk quickly, babbling talk
flockgroup of people who go to church
repelto cause others to avoid him/her, to drive away
sodacarbonated drink in a can (US)
to be composedto be emotionally stable
showersintermittent rain
herbsplants used for food flavoring
maggotdespicable person
to compto give for free as a promotional gift
flavourspecific taste
busboyassistant of waiter
campfirea small outdoor fire for cooking or warming
ringerperson who is cheating in a competition
terrificgreat, very good
to roastcooking method using dry heat
faggotvulgar term for homosexual male
scamswindle, fraud
busterinformal term for addressing a man
featimpressive and heroic achievement
to be accommodatingto be helpful and friendly
itineraryplan of vacation trip
hagugly or hysterical older woman (negative)
to sufferto be affected by something
dorkstupid guy
to spareto prevent someone from having or listening to something unpleasant
doablepossible to do
headhunterperson who searches for new talented employees
to dateto start seeing someone (as a girlfriend or boyfriend)
singlesomeone who does not have a partner