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“[TV: Oh baby, you’re so good..] yes, I am the best, yes.. Hey, Jim.. something wrong with the reception? Ready for bed, son? Yeah. All set dad, all set.. No, no, I think he is trying to watch some illegal channels here. This is just a bad reception, honey.. [TV: you’re so big] What’s that? I want it to be the right time, the right place… It’s not a space shuttle launch, it’s SEX. Tomorrow I’ll just be some girl you go telling all your friends about. Haha, no way. Did you see The Little Mermaid on TV the other night? No. Ariel, man. She’s so hot! Well, this is the.. this is the, uh, female form. Look at the expression on her face. She’s kind of looking right into your eyes saying: Hey, big boy. Hey, how ya doing? There’s gonna be an Eastern European chick naked in your house. And you’re not gonna do anything about that? What am I gonna do? Broadcast her over the Internet? Yeah. “


Vicky:I want it to be the right time, the right place…Listen
Jessica:It’s not a space shuttle launch, it’s SEX.Listen

Oz: [On being sensitive]You ask them questions, and listen to what they have to say and shit.Listen
Steve Stifler:I dunno, man, that sounds like a lot of work.Listen

Finch:God bless the Internet.Listen

Michelle:This one time, at band camp…Listen

dateperson you start seeing as a girlfriend or boyfriend
take a dumpto defecate (slang)
long-distance relationshiprelationship when partners are living far from each other
sack upto gather courage or energy for a difficult task
to get laidto have sex, copulation
at stakeamount or value which can be won or lost
to trailto lag behind, to be the last
exhaustedvery tired
staggoing solo to a party (without a partner)
majormain subject of study
foolproofsomething that cannot go wrong; immune to failure
chickpretty girl
to stay between uskeep a secret, not to tell to anybody else
to dupeto trick someone to believe in something that is not true
to pigeonholeto categorize people
strikingvery good looking
Cut it out!Stop doing it!
hottiehot and attractive girl
spout offto talk about something in a very boring and annoying way
manhoodqualities that men can be proud of
to figureto imagine, to think
figure outto think about a problem to solve it
doablepossible to do
make fun of somebodymake jokes about somebody, to mock
screw upto make a terrible mistake causing the things go wrong
press the buttonto make woman excited (slang)
out of left fieldunexpectedly and surprisingly
slack offto slow down or decrease an effort
crappysomething of low quality
let the good times rollto have a good time (usually sex)
pay off to bring a profit or benefit
three sheets to the winddrunk
proma dance party for high school students
get goingto move, to start moving
tone downto make something more moderate
to have gutsto have a courage for some task
to dig somethingto like something
stop byto make a quick stop
couple of weeks awayin a few weeks
fellowsfriends, close people
cheeseball linesrather stupid or corny talk
to have a pointto be right about something, to provide a good description of a situation
consolation prizea small prize given to someone who lost in a competition
senior yearfinal year in high school
prissoverly nice person
pass onto transfer something to someone else
long shotsomething that has only small chance of success
throw aroundto talk about something without meaning it
hook upto start dating somebody
to have ballsto have courage
bookwormperson who is always studying or reading books
keep it downto talk quietly
in a rowconstantly without interruption
no offensewithout intention to offend somebody
hold outto wait
Goody Two-Shoesextremely decent young girl
cramp upto suffer cramps
shitheadstupid idiot (offensive)
to barfto vomit, to puke
cornyembarrassing, stupid,dull
primeto be ready (for sex)
turn outwhen something finally shows how it is
get in the sackto have a sexual affair
make a standto express a strong opinion and make an effort to achieve a desired outcome
to be sick and tiredto be completely dissatisfied with some situation
say hiform of greeting

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