Phrases and quotes from P.S. I Love You


“Shake it, baby. Do the stomach shake. Whoo!… My husband was 35 years old. He wasn’t supposed to die… Are you Holly Kennedy? If I am, will you sing? Yes. No, I’m not… I could get reported. By who? The leprechaun union?… I got delivery… What is this? Hey baby, surpise… I have a plan, I have written you letters. Letters that will be coming to you all sorts of ways. Now, you must do what I say, okay?… [This Christmas…] …I hereby free you… [He gave her a gift] ..she needs to get a little crazy. So go out and celebrate tonight… [of a life without him]… Make sure my baby has a good time.. I want you to take her fishing… I don’t worry about you remembering me, Life had changed as I knew it. And now it’s changed again, luv. [Academy Award winner, Hillary Swank, Gerard Butler….] …I feel like Gerry’s guiding me. Do you think that’s silly? I wish I had someone dead telling me what to do… There’s absolutely no way I’m doing this… Yes, you are… Oh, I am not… Yes, you are… How do you feel? You look good.”


Holly Kennedy: [while Gerry is playing guitar and singing on the couch]Do all Irishmen sing?
Gerry Kennedy:Aah. Only the really well-hung ones.

Gerry Kennedy:I’m sorry I said the wrong thing to your mother. God, I still get nervous around her. I still think, after nine years, she doesn’t like me. I know I’m being stupid.
Holly Kennedy:No, you’re not being stupid, baby. She doesn’t like you.

lock (oneself) indiscontinue contacts with people around you
pull (oneself) togetherregain control of emotions
backsiderear side of a human body that we sit on
junkillicit drugs (such as heroine, cocaine)
walk-upapartment in a building without an elevator
scumbagdespicable person
bathtublarge container in the bathroom that you fill with water and use to wash the body
work outto solve an issue, to find a solution
slutwhore, prostitute
lose (one’s) mindgo crazy, to lose control of emotions
be on the tableanother alternative that may be considered
clean upto make oneself neat and presentable
faggotvulgar term for homosexual male
no rushno need to hurry
windowsillflat horizontal board at the bottom of the window
get over (something)overcome hard obstacles
maggotdespicable person
doll upto dress nicely for a special occasion
pay attentionto listen carefully and trying to understand the subject matter
fall asleepstart sleeping
be firedto lose job
put your hands together for (someone)to clap hands, to applause
rumor has itstory or information that people are talking about
push (someone)to provoke
be on (something)working on something
repelto cause others to avoid him/her, to drive away
go aheadphrase used to encourage someone to do something or to move forward
crankybeing easily irritated and angry
eat (somebody’s) head offto attack verbally (slang)
limoshort term for limousine, large luxurious car
doom and gloomvery negative outlook, end of the world
go along (with someone or something)to follow, to cooperate
freak outto be excited, to lose control of emotions
by the wayincidentally
put on (something)dress something
back downto withdraw from the position or opinion
be crazy about (someone)to be strongly in love
plan on (something)to have something planned
bloodyarchaic adjective similar to damn
bitch (about something)complain aggressively and excessively
fall outto fall from some place downwards
I am sorry about your lossphrase used at funerals to express condolences
titsboobs, female breasts
quitleave a place or a job
get back on one’s feetregain control of one's life
on purposeto do something deliberately with an intention to do it
pimplea small inflamed swelling of the skin
let (somebody) off the hookto forgive, relieve or to free somebody from the responsibility
give a warm welcome (to someone)to welcome someone with applause
give a goto try something
straightheterosexual person