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Learn English through tests and quizzes

Tests and quizzes are great and fun way to learn, practice and improve your language proficiency. First of all, properly designed tests help you make faster progress and keep you motivated. They are also very important if you need to find out where you usually make mistakes.

Below you can choose from many free English tests, where you can practice your vocabulary, grammar or phrases.

You can also try our fun quizzes to find out how good is your knowledge of geography, politics, show-business, history and culture of English speaking countries. Quizzes are another excellent tool that brings together English language and the topic of your interest.

So pick your test or quizz, click on the link and let’s get started!

In addition to these free tests for non-registered users, we are also working on more comprehensive tests and exercises (also FREE) for registered users. These tests and exercises will provide hundreds of questions with points, so you will be able to track your score and progress and stay motivated even more! STAY TUNED!!