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English words and slang terms

Each language has thousands of words. Based on the information from Oxford English dictionary, there are 171,476 English words in current use. However, you as a learner of English as your second language, need only several thousands of them.

Learning new English words is important

While knowledge of words only is not sufficient to formulate correct sentences, learning new vocabulary is still very important part of your study. Without words you can’t say and describe what you want to communicate.

Most important parts of speech (word categories) are as follows:

1. nouns (man, woman, time, child, mother, father, hand, year, day)
2. verbs (do, have, be, say, get, see, look, want, use, find, tell)
3. adjectives (good, bad, big, little, small, first, last, old, young)
4. prepositions (to, for, in, on, from, at, with, about, of)

I assume that when you are reading these pages, you have some basic knowledge of English vocabulary. However, if you want to check our list of basic and most frequently used English words, check this list of basic English vocabulary.

The aim of this category is to provide a list of English words that are frequently used in English language on a regular basis. These words and terms (many of them are slang words) form a basis for solid understanding of everyday informal English. Since most of these words are from American movies, you can click on each word to see the whole sentence, in which they were used. As a result you will learn the meaning of that word in context.

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