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Street and urban slang

Slang and informal conversation

Informal and colloquial English is a must for all of you who want to know more than just a few basic English phrases. So if you want be a guru in English language, phrases and vocabulary from your textbooks are not enough anymore. You also have to understand and know how to use English idioms and slang expressions. Most of all, you should understand the meaning of cool and modern phrases frequently used by young people.


This list summarizes slang phrases and words and their definitions. These expressions are used among teenagers on the streets of big cities in USA, England or Canada. Therefore this list contains a lot of quotes from action and gangster movies. That means you will find here also some coarse and profane language, so be prepared 🙂

Phrases and terms in this list will be useful, if you:

1. want to understand English and American slang
2. want to watch your favorite action movies in English
3. want to be able to speak English like a pro
4. want to teach others how to sound more cool in English

If you watch Hollywood movies and TV shows, or if you play video games, these phrases and terms will surely help you to better understand your action heroes.

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