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Travel and vacation

Holidays, vacation and travel

Everybody loves to travel – it’s time of pure relax, great adventures and lots of wonderful memories. If you plan to spend your vacation in an English speaking country, it’s another great reason to learn some English travel vocabulary for your summer or winter vacation.

Tourism in countries like USA, England or Canada offers hundreds of beautiful places to visit. And having a good knowledge of English idioms, words or phrases about traveling will help you to enjoy them even more!


In this category you will find a lot of phrases, words and collocations, that will come handy during your winter or summer vacation. You can use the vocabulary in this list in the following situations:

1. when you book your accommodation
2. when you stay in a hotel
3. during check-in at the airport
4. during your vacation in sea resorts.

You will also find here many English words and phrases frequently used on hiking or skiing trips, such as the English names of equipment and gear used in the mountains. So don’t forget to check this list before your next holiday and get the most out of your journey!

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