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Love and relationships

Relationships, love and romance

Probably the most important aspect of our lives is love and our relationships with other people. So that’s why young people are often searching the internet for vocabulary about these topics. Socializing, parties and forming relationships with other young people from different countries seems to be the most important thing. And therefore a good knowledge of correct English phrases and expressions is absolutely essential.


This list will be your useful companion when you need to talk about relationships, love, romance or flirting. If you want to ask someone in English to go out with you or just want to have a flirting conversation, be sure to check out these phrases.

You can use them if:

1. you want to have a quality conversation about love and relationships
2. you like someone and want to date him/her
3. you want to understand romantic comedies 🙂

Since this topic is very wide, this list provides many different phrases and expressions about relationships, dating and love. Learning them will significantly improve your conversation skills and most of all, you will have better chance to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend…

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