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English vocabulary – words and phrases

Vocabulary is a cornerstone of any foreign language and English vocabulary is definitely not an exception. Average native English speaker uses approximately 20,000 words. That’s quite a lot, but we have good news for you!

With EnglishPulse.com, you will learn new English words, idioms and phrases much faster and you will also remember them longer.

How it works?

The trick is that on our website, you will have an opportunity to learn new English words and phrases in context. In most cases the context comes from American and English movies, so the learning process will also be fun. In a sense, EnglishPulse.com is a special English dictionary that provides hundreds of English terms used in real sentences.

Vocabulary in context

The most important thing when learning new English words and phrases is to remember them in a specific situation. As a result, you will learn the whole context and also better understand the meaning of any particular word or phrase.

Friends with benefits

When you learn phrases like before the year’s up or to be tied up at work after few weeks you probably won’t remember them. But if you learn these phrases in real sentences from a movie (in this case Friends With Benefits), you will remember them much better. You will also be more confident to use them in a conversation. This way your vocabulary will grow organically and your English skills will be much healthier.

Three ways to practice English vocabulary on EnglishPulse.com

1. You can browse, read and learn interesting words and phrases from movies in whole sentences
2. You can test your knowledge in our simple free tests for unregistered users
3. When you are a registered member, you will have access to hundreds of other comprehensive free tests

English vocabulary
So if you really want to improve your English and feel confident during your English conversation, solid knowledge of English vocabulary is essential. Therefore our database of English terms is designed to help you rapidly improve your spoken English.